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Saturday chills……… 

Skins Season 7, Episode 1

Does anyone know the track title in the scene for Skins Season 7, Episode 1, where Naomi & Effy are standing on the rooftop and Naomi tells her she has cancer? 

Selfies with my little Finn. 
What a poser! 

Best video they’ve done yet. 
Sick song, too. 

Hangin’ out with my little man! Corgi’s & bunnies!!

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On Friday night i bought a bunny.

He is a Minilop and i named him Finn :) 

I found the breeder online and she sent me pictures of the bunnies that she had available. 
They were only 5 weeks old, so weren’t able to leave their mum until 8 weeks of age, so the weekend after she sent me the pictures we drove down there (about an hour away from where we live) so i could see the little fur babies.
I had picked Finn from the pictures she sent me, but wanted to check him out first before i committed to taking him. 

The breeder was awesome.. all her bunnies are handled daily by herself and her young children, so they were very friendly. 

Finn was super placid when i held him for the first time. I fell in love with him straight away <3 

We picked him up this friday and he’s been such a good bunny… he’s litter trained, active & very affectionate.

The bow-tie i bought for him was the smallest i could find, and it’s still massive on him haha. But he didn’t mind wearing it!


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This weekend, Mike and I drove down the south coast for his brother’s wedding… It was honestly the best wedding I’ve been too… In terms of decor, people, location, and the fact that it was pretty casual. The bride, Hayley, looked amazing… Her dress was so beautiful and her bridesmaids looked stunning as well! The whole wedding was bohemian style… They had tepee’s, miss matched furniture, outdoor games such as croquet, lawn bowls and many more.
One if their friends also brought their French bulldog along too, and he was gorgeous! I spent a lot of time with little Selby during the night haha! He fell asleep on my lap… Poor little guy was all tuckered out.
They had a photo booth there too… Nobody really knew about it because it was hidden away… So Mike and I took advantage of it. Congrats to Matt and Hayley! I had such a great time, and everything about the wedding was beautiful…

The boyfee and I went on a massive bushwalk today… Pretty hungover this morning, but pretty sure we sweated it out by the end of it!

My boyfriend is so beautiful. 


Corgnelius keepin’ it classy for the holidays.

Hands down - @parkwaydriveofficial is actually one of the best bands live bands I’ve ever seen. #parkwaydrive #hordernpavillion #sydney #live #killingit

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